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Wu-Tang Clan - Mathematics on the Birth of Wu-Tang’s “The Saga Continues - Urban-Vibes.co.uk
Published: 8 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 8 months ago

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There’s always lots to talk about when Wu-Tang Clan drops a new disc. This year’s ‘The Saga Continues’ is a fierce blast of beats and rhymes from the Shaolin stars that’s defined by ruckus and reminds just how powerful the collective truly is. From “If Time Is Money” to “Hood Go Bang,” there’s plenty action. The whole thing started with some key ideas from Redman and Method Man's inventive DJ, Mathematics, who's taking over production duties for the RZA this time 'round. Putting together “a mass of music” was his first step, and during Jayson Rodriguez’s exclusive interview, the producer explains that a lot of sound is flying around, especially on “Pearl Harbor,” which is titled so because Mathematics wanted the decks to “bomb atomically.” Want to find out how the crew worked with his sounds to finalize? Here's a great place to start.

Producer: Jayson Rodriguez

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