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Redman explains How High 2 situation, Drake's The Shop PR-ish Appearance | Grass Routes Podcast #88 -
Published: 6 months ago By: Grass Routes Podcast

By: Grass Routes PodcastPublished: 6 months ago

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Brandon killabh Hall, Erin Ashley Simon, Regular Naz and Wylson jump right into today’s episode talking about Drake’s comments on LeBron’s The Shop show (3:02), take time to give reviews on Quavo, T.I., Belly and various projects that dropped (22:03) and call up Redman to give the real details on why him and Method Man are not featured in How High 2 (51:58)

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Grass Routes Podcast is a deep dive into the Culture, touching on the future, past and present of both the hosts Brandon "Killabh" Hall and Erin Ashley Simon and your favorite influencers, celebrities and artists. Our podcast explores the honest, personal and vulnerable stories, thoughts, opinions and introspective statements that helped shape our guests and hosts into who they are, their careers and more.

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