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Published: 3 months ago By: 7-Second Riddles

By: 7-Second RiddlesPublished: 3 months ago

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Check out this set of 13 logic riddles for crime experts! Test your IQ and detective skills with these brain exercises. They will help you keep your mind fresh and young ;) If you want to improve your brain power and boost your intelligence then try to solve these brain teasers ;)

00:14 - George was killed at the club. And the main question is who did this! Test your detective skills with this short crime riddle!
01:21 - Something terrible happened! A young lady was killed! The suspects claim to be innocent, but one of them killed her. Who is the killer? Listen carefully to what they are saying, think about the sequence of events, investigate the case and catch the killer! This crime riddle can be easily cracked by those who are capable of connecting the dots! 🕵
03:00 - A difficult criminal case that will test your intelligence and analytical skills! You're to find the criminal who is the owner of this car. Try to do it before you run out of time!
04:13 - Guess whose car is it! A portion of visual puzzles to test your logic and attentiveness to the details is here ;)
05:34 - Tricky crime riddle that will puzzle even the most experienced detective out there! Only those with a high IQ (like your my dear #RiddleSolver) will easily crack this hard riddle. If for some reason your brain is tired today and you just can't crack this tricky riddle, then just sit back and wait for the answer, I won't tell anybody you did that :)
07:34 - Is he cheating on her? If yes, how can you prove it? Share your ideas in the comments ;)
08:43 - Mr. Jenkins's maid was killed. How did it happen and who is the killer? Talk to suspects and find who is guilty!
09:54 - A mind-blowing brain teaser that will boost your intelligence and increase your IQ level!
10:59 - This mystery riddle will test your logic and ability to spot the details that matter. On the other hand, this logic puzzle will also test your business character! TELL me IN THE COMMENTS: would you fire him?
12:19 - Who killed Mr. Jones? Talk to suspects and pay attention to the smallest details to find the killer!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking ;)

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