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COPS: Oakland's Richest Pimp Facing Life For Kidnapping/Torture/Pimping Minors (Philthy's Brother) -
Published: 4 months ago By: Lavish P.

By: Lavish P.Published: 4 months ago

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Philthy Rich's Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation Exposed. Today Philthy Rich's brother: Jason Beasley (“Young JBay”) is facing 95 years in High Desert Prison. In March 2015, he was booked into the Alameda County Jail on outstanding kidnapping / torture warrants stemming from the kidnapping, rape and torture of a 17-yr-old East Oakland girl.

*The Kidnapping/Torture Case:*

On September 23, 2016, a jury convicted defendants Paul Booker, Jason Antoine Beasley, and Ruben Manzell Mitchell of numerous offences and enhancements, including kidnapping, torture, assault with a firearm, attempted pandering, and human trafficking for commercial sex. Defendants Booker and Mitchell were additionally convicted of rape by a foreign object as well as assault with a deadly weapon.

In 2013, 17-year-old Jane Doe ran away from home and was living on a friend's couch, making money in the commercial sex trade to survive. She knew Defendants Booker and Beasley, and previously Defendant Booker had propositioned her, offering to work as her 'pimp'. Ms Doe declined to work for him. On June 2, 2013, Ms Doe spent the night with Defendant Beasley at an apartment in San Leandro. The following day, Ms Doe and defendant Beasley intended to go out of town in order for Ms Doe to work as a prostitute. Before leaving, defendant Beasley drove Ms Doe to Oakland.

While driving in Oakland, Ms Doe and Defendant Beasley passed defendant Booker. Ms Doe became uncomfortable and asked to be dropped off where she was living. However, defendant Beasley did not drop her off and pulled into a down a side street near the area of 56th and Bancroft. As they were driving down the street, Defendant Booker’s silver Infiniti drove down the street, toward them. Defendant Booker blocked Defendant Beasley’s car, and Ms Doe saw 5 men inside Defendant Booker's car.

Defendant Booker, armed with a firearm, and the other men got out of the car and demanded Ms Doe get out of Defendant Beasley’s car and “work for him.” Defendant Beasley did not drive away or attempt to prevent her from being kidnapped by defendant Booker and the other men. Defendant Booker and the other men then forcefully pulled Ms Doe from the car. Ms Doe resisted and Defendant Booker struck Ms Doe repeatedly struck in the head with his gun in order to make her to comply. At first, Ms Doe was forced into the floor well of the front passenger seat, before they forced her into the trunk of the car. While in the trunk of Defendant Booker's car, she lost consciousness numerous times due to her head injuries.

They arrived at Defendant Booker's residence on 79th Ave, and Ms Doe was carried from the trunk into the apartment. They removed her clothes, covered her face with a t-shirt, and bound her hands and feet with duct tape. Here, Defendants Booker, Beasley and Mitchell beat and tortured Ms Doe, but she continued to refuse to work as a prostitute for Defendant Booker. Defendant Booker took a nine inch hunting knife and sliced into Ms Doe's body seven times.

Judge C. Don Clay on Friday pondered what went wrong with Booker, who believes is smart based on his legal questions to attorneys during his last two trials. Clay also presided over Booker’s trial for murdering 37-year-old Steven Cotton in Oakland in July 2013, a month after the girl’s abduction. A lead aggressor in the abduction and torture, the teenage victim described Booker raping her with a gun and threatening to fire it if she screamed.

Due to her injuries, she was in and out of consciousness, eventually awaking to find that she was lying on black plastic garbage bags. Ms Doe realized that she was alone, so she removed the duct tape around her hands and ankles and climbed out of the bedroom window. Once outside, Ms. Doe climbed a barbed wired fence and ran naked onto 79th Ave...



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