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Published: 5 months ago By: 5-Minute Crafts

By: 5-Minute CraftsPublished: 5 months ago

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Being clumsy can be a real curse if... you don't know any of these hacks! But I'm here to help you out guys!

Let's say you've accidentally hit insanely clean, therefore transparent glass door. If you hit it hard, which you did because you were in a hurry and paid zero attention. There's no way you can escape from getting a black eye. Good news is you can make it disappear pretty soon.
Cut a bundle of parsley, add some ice cubes and put it all in a handkerchief. Then apply to the damaged area.

And if you have trouble adding condiments, do the following. Collect some Tic Tac boxes for instance. And instead of throwing the whole box of salt or sugar into the bowl, sprinkle your meal neatly from a small box. It's awfully easy to use and store.

And next one is for my lovely sister! She drops her smartphone so often I wonder how it's still working. If you also have this problem check out this hack. Stick a holder ring to the back of your phone and attach a key chain or any chain that's comfortable for you to use. Voila! Now you don't have to worry anymore about your flying phone.


0:11 Parsley for black eye
0:42 Condiments storage
1:05 Phone safety
4:57 Chaffing thighs?
8:31 Don't sweat it!
12:38 Greasy hair

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